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Innovation Award Application

What are the Responsible Seafood Innovation Awards?

Now in its 12th year, the Responsible Seafood Innovation Awards recognize individuals and organizations finding new solutions to the challenges facing seafood. The competition has two categories – one for aquaculture and one for wild-capture fisheries.


The 12th Responsible Seafood Innovation Awards are sponsored by the U.S. Soybean Export Council (USSEC).


Who is eligible to apply?


Both individuals and companies performing activities related to aquaculture and wild-capture fisheries may submit applications. Third parties may also submit an application on behalf of an individual or company.


How do I apply?


To apply, fill out this application form in its entirety and upload to the form on this page. Visuals of the innovation, including photographs, illustrations and videos, are strongly encouraged to be included with the application. Applications are being accepted through July 12, 2024. Please email James Wright at with any further questions.


How are the finalists determined? What’s the timeline?


In the first round of judging, seven judges narrow the list of applicants for the fisheries and aquaculture categories to nine semi-finalists by July 31. The judges are a combination of GSA staff, GSA Standards Oversight Committee (SOC) members and select external stakeholders.


The six finalists (three for each category) will then be invited to attend the Responsible Seafood Summit in St Andrews, Scotland, and present their innovations during a reception on Tuesday, Oct. 22, or to submit a short (5-minute) video as a stand-in. The two winners will be announced at that time after an audience poll is conducted on site.

Apply for Responsible Seafood Innovation Awards

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